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Comparison of Farmi JL 601/ Fransgard V-6500

Farmi JL601 Fransgard V-6500
Manufacturer:  Farmi Forest, which is a company specializing in forestry machinery.  They have manufactured forestry winches since 1961.  They have manufactured more winches than any other manufacturer.  The products are of high quality, and the wear parts, such as the clutch, carry a warranty of up to five years.  Northeast Implement has imported the Farmi Winches to the United States since 1975.  Spare part availability even to the early models is excellent. Manufacturer:  Fransgård, a Danish company who's main product line is hay equipment.   Their product has had several importers to the United States over the years.  No long-term warranty on wear parts is available.   
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Coiling Device:  The Farmi JL601 has a coiling device which prevents backlash and tangling of the cable.  The coiling device enables effortless free spooling of the cable when it's being pulled out.

Coiling Device: No coiling device present.

Cable: The Farmi JL601 comes with 9/16" wire rope, which has a breaking strength of 29,000 lbs, which is about 10,000 lbs. more than 7/16" cable used by Fransgard.   The cable is fastened with three "Iron Grip" cable clamps, which exert even pressure from both sides onto a large area of the cable.  The form of the cable clamp is round so it does not get hooked up on branches or other obstacles.

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Cable:  The Fransgard winch has 7/16" cable.   The cable has no cable clamps, so it can not be repaired in the field.  The cable also does not have a thimble to go around the hook, which will, shorten the life of the cable.


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Drum Size: 15 ½"  Over 30% longer cable can be put on the Farmi JL601.

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Drum Size:  The Fransgard drum diameter is approximately 14"

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The JL601 have two tool boxes where one can carry skid chains and hand tools.

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Fransgard has no tool boxes.






On the Farmi JL601, one can adjust the height of the snatchblock so by moving the snatchblock up and down, one can transfer more or less of the weight of the load to the rear wheels of the tractor.  On smaller tractors, one chooses the lower position for the snatchblock, on larger tractors, one moves the snatchblock up.

Also note the bracket with bolt holes on the blade.  This is for bolting on a draw bar, so one can pull a trailer behind the winch.

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No possibility to increase weight transfer on the Fransgard.  No brackets for draw bar mounting. 







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The lower snatchblock on the Farmi winch is open from the right side.  One can therefore place the cable underneath it in one swift move in a few seconds.   

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The Fransgard snatchblock is closed.   One must therefore open the snatch block every time one puts the cable in it, and every time one removes the cable from it.  This is a time-consuming and cumbersome procedure.

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The clutch control rope on the Farmi JL601 comes out from the top of the winch.  One can therefore operate the winch from any direction including the seat of the tractor.

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The blue control rope is hooked to a pulley on a lever, so the winch must be operated from the left hand side, regardless of whether the operator can see the load from there or not.

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Weight of Winch:  990 lbs. Weight of Winch: 880 lbs.